Sunday, November 6, 2011

West Coast

Not having the Internet has made my life interesting.... I feel closed off. I'm so used to the accessibility of the Internet that, at first, it was really off putting. Not to say that I don't miss it now, I do. Blogging from my phone is a pain, but here I am.

This 1st week here in Los Angeles has been amazing. The sights, the sounds, the sunshine - these are a few things that I adore.

I just walked inside from a drive home from Malibu. I can't describe it... As we wove down the PCH with ocean flanking our right & mountains on the left all I could think was how lucky I was. I grew up in the flattest part of the country. Lake Erie is beautiful, I won't know it one bit, but the ocean... oh the ocean.

It was a bit if a drive, bust mostly because we drove to Long Beach first. Yet, it was worth it.

You know those people, or those voices in your head? They tell you all the reason you shouldn't take those chances in life... well I'm here to tell you it's ok. Take them. That's why we're alive.

Soon I'll have a computer again & I can share more, but until then - here. Redondo Pier, just north of Long Beach. (if you're a fan of the OC, you may recognize it)

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