Wednesday, December 28, 2011

My Week with a Car

I have to say, it was rather anti-climatic... with the holidays and family visits, my time with a car was hijacked by day tripping through LA, visiting touristy locations and all of that. (My original plan was to cruise down Muholland Drive and make it to beachy holiday events, but alas... there's always next year!)

Can't really complain, prior to last week my day tripping in LA was no more than a drive by, finger pointing, and a off hand remark - "Chinese theater. Footprints. Ya know... Old Hollywood."

There are many locations I still plan on visiting, but last week was a good start.

Stop #1 - Fox Studios

I have no photos, photography is not prohibited on the lot (can't  blame them, the place is rather cool), but I did see some great things like Manny (Rico Rodriguez
) from Modern Family, a ton of random clowns, huge murals - one was of Star Wars, some crazy set locations, and of course Nakotomi Towers, from Die Hard.

Stop #2 - 
Westwood Village Memorial Park

Buried here is Marilyn Monroe, Truman Capote, Mel Torme, Natalie Wood, Peggy Lee, Jack Lemmon, and on and on.
Since moving here I've visited Hollywood Forever, which is by far the most famous cemetery in LA, but Westwood Village is now my favorite (well if I should have a favorite cemetery, this would be it). It's small, very well hidden, extremely well kept and extraordinary for sure.

I recommend a visit if you are ever in this area. I recommend you visit both because they are both amazing things to see, but at Westwood you get to see Marilyn Monroe's grave, which covered in kisses & Dean Martin's  site. The moment I did I couldn't help humming "That's Amore" the rest I the time I was there.

I also made a trip to Hollywood Blvd (not to hoe myself out, but to see the walk of fame) & have photos of that too. That blog will be coming either later today or early tomorrow morning...
(for some reason good old blogger here won't let me post the photos I want, so stay tuned for an all photo blog... one of these days..)

More soon. Since it's still holiday season, I'm heading out the door in a few for another drive around town - this one should be fun... (going to Hand Moody's house - woohoo! And maybe I'll finally get to drive down Mulholland...)

So STAY TUNED!! And if you have a second, check out We <3 TV because soon I'll be writing on there too!! (may as well enjoy living in TV & Movie Land) 
And come back here OFTEN because starting next month I'll have me some interview to post! Who, you may ask (valid question) well here's the short list:

Are just a few of the people who have been kind enough to allow me to interview them! (There are more, I'll post their names soon) All are published or aspiring authors, and all of them are people you should take a moment to get to know (and of course READ!!)

Now go eat a cookie!


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