Friday, January 6, 2012

The Soundtrack of My Life "Invisible Sun" the Police

There is power in faith. The things we hold close and dear, how they keep us going on lonely cold nights, or every other day for that matter. In 1981, The Police released, "Invisible Sun" its said to be about Stings reaction to people surrounded by violence and living in impoverished setting. At the same time it was also deeply personal to Stewart Copeland, the drummer of The Police. Copeland was is from Beirut, which had the hell bombed out of it back in the day.

"There has to be an invisible sun, it gives it's heat to everyone. There has to be an invisible sun, that gives us hope when the whole days done."

What is life without hope?

Maybe my life isn't war torn, at least not in the way it is for some. I've never had to live in the trenches of a warzone, praying and hoping my next step wouldn't accidentally be on a mine or a bomb would fall on my house as I slept... but faith is important every day, in every situation, both good and terrible.

There have been a few days, ones that I skipped coming on here, because I'm REALLY trying to look at the bright side of life. Some days are hard. Some day I lose hope and some days I listen to music and sing along, knowing time passes, and heart heals, and life will be fine.

As they say, "The bad news is, everything changes. The good news is, everything changes."

One of these nights I sat outside the bathroom as my son was playing with his sharks (thanks B, he still plays with it daily) humming to myself, writing in my journal, and "Invisible Sun" came on Pandora. I hadn't heard it in very many years - well over 20 - and I fell in love with the lyrics almost immediately. I fell in love with the rhythm and the music - the tone, so heavy, it only drives an image further into your head.

We all fight battles every damn day, and no, maybe we don't all come online and litter the internet with our inner most thoughts, but still - day in and day out - we are fighting a battle. Against ourselves, the people around us, our jobs, that horrible feeling that tells you that you're not good enough...

I'm so VERY good at letting the crazies run away with my brain... in the end I know I'm still fighting the good fight. I'm not the a-hole I think I am. I really don't care what others think... sure I don't.

I don't want to spend the rest of my lifeLooking at the barrel of an ArmaliteI don't want to spend the rest of my daysKeeping out of trouble like the soldiers say

I don't want to spend my time in hellLooking at the walls of a prison cellI don't ever want to play the partOf a statistic on a government chart
Ah, the voices are yelling pretty hard today - but I swear to god and every single person that reads this - I will NOT be a statistic. I'll let my invisible sun burn so bright it blinds even you. I guess I'm just not ready to die yet... 
Please enjoy, Invisible Sun - by The Police

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