Friday, January 13, 2012

The Soundtrack of my Life, "Wolf Like Me" TV on the Radio

"The bad news, everything changes. The good news, everything changes."

Not all bad is plainly bad
Not all good is plainly virtuous

Not everything you see, is exactly what you see
There are bits and pieces we all hid - even from ourselves

So what is it?
Who are we?

Why did a song about werewolves make my list?

In one life we can know many versions of ourselves
In one life we can hid just as many
In one life we can try to seek out the truth, regardless of the end result
In one life we can hid from it all and pretend we're something we know we were never intended to be

We can ignore the taunts, the signs, the hints and clues
We can become what everyone else perceives us to be

We can be scared of what lies in wait

We can life in fear of ourselves...

Or we can let the beast within out - and be ourselves - regardless of what those around us think. Yes, the original copy is the best, and if those around you don't like that version of you... maybe it's time to rethink who you spend your time with...

"I know its strange another way to get to know you
                                          you'll never know unless we go so let me show you
I know its strange another way to get to know you
we've got till noon here comes the moon
so let it show you 
show you now"

Like I said, the bad news is, its gonna change - but the great news is... it's gonna change... ;)

TV on the Radio -  Wolf Like Me... enjoy!

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