Thursday, February 16, 2012

f it all away

f this mess
this stupid life
this moment of discontent
f the chores
the sickness
the face that won't heal at all
f it all to hell

tell it to get up 
tell it to go away
tell it to leave me the f alone
tell it i'm busy
tell it i can't stay

f it all
f it all

f the seconds of cries
that turns into hours and hours
f the helpless feeling
the doubts
handcuffed jinx

f the allergies
f the restriction
f the asthmas of the world

don't make me beg
don't make me plead
don't make me wonder 

i said don't 

f this mess
f my mess
f your mess too
f it all away

and let me be

with my words
and my books
and my music
and my rhythms
and my sleep
and my dreams
and my pancakes
my boys

f it 
f this stupid mess
f it
f it all away


  1. I hope this helped, if only slightly.

  2. I broke last night... sick kid... dmv crap... writing crap... yoga crap...
    The logical side of me understands it'll pass, and it will, but when my son cries too much and I can't do a thing to help him... f it all to hell

  3. I suggest using the word fuck full out. It really helps. ;) But I love the poem. Hope you are feeling better now.

  4. You're right, it probably will... It is one of my very favorite words.
    I'm getting there. Once his cold is over completely I will be a lot more at ease.