Saturday, March 31, 2012

the letter

I really wish I could sit here and write you a letter, words filled with humor and rhythm that brings it all to life. I would spin magical tales and climb up tall trees and say it all in a paragraph or two just for you.

This letter  letter would make you cry from laughter and sigh as it rambled into the next part about fears and hopes - and I really wish I could sit here and write you a letter about it all.

The words weave through my head as I walk  - I'm here, I'm doing this, I did that - can't you see? Are you watching?

There is this park by my house that I take my son, and I would tell you the only reason I go is because it's close. It lacks the luster of all the other parks I have taken him too - even the ones that were covered in gravel and extra unfriendly to little boy knees. And I found the library, but only visited one time - the walk is very far and it's a bit run down - I guess people don't care about libraries these days with their nooks and their ipads. I wish I could tell you about it. Remember when we used to go to the library, it was a long time ago now - so long I'm surprised I remember it at all... but I do... I remember a lot of things.

Good things and bad things.

I would write you about those too. For the bad, I would say I'm sorry. For the good, thank you so much.

I really wish I could sit here and write you a letter and know you would hold it in your two hands. Fingers pressed into the papers, eyes scanning word after word. I would put a photo inside, just so you could see what I see all the time - the creek, the ocean, the palm trees, the kiddo and his beloved phone... I really wish a lot of things, don't I?

I wish, most of all, that the letter would reach you and you would be well and you are happy. I imagine you are and that makes my heart smile, just like when I see a pepperoni pizza, and a million other little things...

I really wish I could write you a letter to tell you that I love you and I miss you, very much.
I really wish I could hand deliver the letter so I could hug you too.

And at the end, when I've run out of wit and humor, stories and photos - this is how I would sign it:

With love always,

p.s. thank you

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