Friday, March 9, 2012

The Soundtrack of my Life - "Uprising" Muse

According to YouTube, I'm not allowed to post the "official" video of Muse's "Uprising" - which is fine - if I did you may think I was being attacked by teddy bears, and for once I'm not. Which is delightful, so I found this version of the song that doesn't have a video - just music, and that is all I was looking for in the first place.

Muse - "Uprising" is on the Soundtrack of my Life because it is the song I choose to be in the opening credits of my book. (too many movies and television in this girls life)

Two years ago I began writing a series titled, The Hope Saints, a YA Sci/fi Thriller about 5 teens from fictional Hope, Washington. In book one the teens wake up to a world they no longer recognize. After an nation wide power outage, a plagues of demonic creatures lay siege on the United States. It takes two weeks to reach them, but it does. Werewolves attack their small town, killing the people they love and forcing them into hiding. These kids, brother and sister Johnny and Mina Rizzo, friends Denny Johnson and Matt Hoban, and Mina's girlfriend Naomi Kung, leave with the presumption they're parents will bring them home when life is safe again - but it never is.

Whey their supplies are cut off, and they have no other choice but to return home what little hope they had left is lost. Hope, Washington is being held captive by a mad man. Most of their families are dead, missing or have been turned into werewolves themselves. 

Enter General Baker and the 3rd Infantry who teach them not only how to survive, but how to fight back and to help others in the process. 

Their first miracle was surviving when no one else could and their second is saving those who need help. Can 5 teens save the world? You bet'cha. 

Muse "Uprising" is their battle cry.

"They will not force us
They will stop degrading us
They will not control us
We will be victorious!"

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