Friday, April 13, 2012

Beauty. Life.

Roy Lichtenstein is one of my very favorite artists and one of the only pop artists I've ever really loved. I've always been picky when it comes to modern art, I feel there is a fine line between genius and trash, I always have, even as a child. It took me many years to even walk into the modern art section of Cleveland Art Museum - which is a phenomenal art museum. If you ever have a chance to visit, I highly recommend that you do.

As I've grown into the lovely adult that I am today, my appreciation has changed for a lot of reasons. Experience, being an artist in my own right, life - all of these things have changed me, just as they will continue to change me until the day I die.

This is the life I have chosen.

We don't like to hear that at times, that the life we have is the one we've chosen. We'd prefer to find other people to blame, but all that does is drag out the truth. Sooner or later we have to face that by making or ignoring the issues at hand creates the reality that we love or hate.

This is the life I have chosen.

At times it is sad, lonely, terribly long, hectic, crazy, insane, busy, out of control, subdued and down right boring. The book I'm working on I've rewritten 4 times. I've started research on other projects. I've outlined new books. I'm still working on this one, and its one of the hardest things I've ever done in my life, because I really want this book to work. Over the years I've grown accustom to giving up, giving in, tossing things aside. I've written other books that sit covered in a layer of dust from 8 years of retreat. I have screen plays, comic books, poetry - all wasting away in storage lockers and on dark closet floors... I think of them from time to time, just as I think of the new characters I haven't had the chance to explore. Characters who are, currently, having a rave in my brain solely to get my attention, and it's mighty annoying.

"I'm coming." I tell them. "Let me finish this first."

And they whine like a 3 year old who wants to use the computer that you're currently blogging on... *ahem* (my child's obsession with is unbelievable.)

But... this is the life I have chosen. All the crazy voices included.

I've wanted to be a million things in my short life, but writing is the only one that has carried through since the inception of me. The only one. And yet, there is that fine line between art and trash... I try not to think about this as I write, scribble, type my way to the next chapter. I try not to judge my pros, even on days when I can't help do anything else but.

But we can't, now can we? We artists can't listen to the negative voices that tell us we're not worth a damn. We can't listen to the judgements of others, because some times people aren't being proactive, they're being negative because they're not happy with their own life - so why should you be? We can't listen to the sounds of silence when those people don't read your book - we have to keep on keeping on, because the only way to success is never stopping.

And I don't want to hear any buts here.

Life is hard, tiresome, scary, depressing and all around stupid at times. Everyone is fighting a hard battle, but you have to keep fighting. Keep writing. Keep painting. Keep following your passions - regardless. Because if it was easy, everyone would be successful at it.

I'll never be an art critic. I'll never be the person you consult about why one piece is better than the next, but I will be true to me and my tastes, even when all I really want to do is go hide under my desk and cry.

Art is subjective, so if someone tells you you're on the wrong side of that genius line, but you still want to keep going -> keep going.

And every once in a while, spend the afternoon at an art museum, or gallery and get lost in the inspiration of others. Then breathe it all in and be inspired by those who wouldn't take no for an answer.


Victor Kord

Childe Hassam 


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