Wednesday, April 11, 2012


So, I haven't been on here lately. Life has gotten the better of me, and I opted to sit on my couch, read books and watch television instead of coming here... I also opted to work on my book - oh my book... how I want to load you into a tube and launch you into space...

After (we'll just say a long time) I have gone back to the beginning, sat down, and began to dissect the thing into two books instead of just one. I just want to write something new - something non-apocalyptic (or whatever I'm supposed to call it so it doesn't sound too "trendy") But alas, I'm still writing and that's what matters.

That and this website I found: (...wait for it...) It's about real life superheroes!!  These people are no joke, and I mean that in the most loving, if I had the balls to do it I'd be out there with you, kinda way.

Evidently this is a movement currently happening. People creating costumes and hitting the streets to help the helpless and give the cops some help too. This is also a documentary that was on HBO and is now on DVD.

After watching that, I feel I have been doing even less than previously stated. It makes me want to sit here and write up a list of accomplishments from the last few weeks... maybe I should... 

1 - Was sprayed by disgusting puddle while walking my son home from the park. This was unpleasant on mean levels. 

2 - Realized I wasn't allergic to wheat and/or gluten, but soy. This has made it even more interesting being a vegan, but it has also made me realize a few other things - like why if I don't want to eat meat, will I eat things that look like meat? It's like dumping a guy because he was a jerk, then only dating guys that look like him...

3 - I've watched a lot of television, especially "period dramas", in the past few weeks, which I intend to blog about on, but haven't had the chance, yet. (But I have blogged on other shows - feel free to go read them. Now. Thank you.)

4 - I've left yoga behind, brought it back, became disgusted with it, came back to it again and now have decided to write a workshop. Makes sense. No it doesn't, but I like cookies, and cookies make everything ok.

5 - I now wish I was a superhero and had my own special cap - that is shiny, because shiny = awesome.

6 - Last, but not least, I finally saw Dr. Horrible's Sing Along Blog and I'm posting the first 7:30 minutes below.

There you go. A list. Two youtube clips. Small bit of ranting, and the welcomed fact that I decided to renew my blog address... 

I have to go edit. 40 pages till I'm done with book one!! Then who knows, I may take up the night shift on the metro dressed as Princess Captain Dangerous. <- That would be my superhero name, if I had one... 


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