Friday, June 15, 2012

Person inside me

There is a crabby person living inside my body
She is crass and short and a little two frank
She hasn't been sleeping very well, but it's her own damn fault
She tries to do too much
This is the very reason she probably is so crabby.

I found her the other day, sipping water from a mason jar
Thinking about an escape she very well knew she never could go on
It involved meals in bed, massages and a white sandy beach
with waiters and fruity drinks
It made her smile

I liked her then

Because then she wasn't crabby

It faded as quickly as it arose
And now she's back to bickering snide comments
Hiding in the bathroom too long
And taking the "long way home" enhanced by driving 20 miles under the limit
This allows her to think about nothing, which she very much likes

I should probably try to talk it out with  her
But I don't want to, what if it makes me crabby
Two women living inside my body - crabby
Sounds like a terrible idea, like hot sauce and ice cream
Guess I'll ignore her some more

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