Monday, July 2, 2012

Blogging - thank you for your words.

Life changes so fast, doesn't it?

When I first started to blog, I didn't know any bloggers and now... who doesn't blog? Hell, people blog about how stupid they think blogging is. A landslide of words blankets the internet as people wade through, searching for whatever it is they think they need at that moment.

I blog more in my head than on screen these days. There is a constant fight for the single computer that rest atop the dilapidated desk in my bedroom, a fight I normally lose to the sticky hands of a 3 year old who wants to play on ABC Mouse. I'm forced to pull out my ancient laptop where I write, when I can, in hopes to one day break this "rejection letter" cycle I find myself in.

The dream pushes forward, the dream continues.

But it all goes back to blogging.

I've stated before how I can't seem to keep a schedule or theme. Two things that are of upmost importance if you really want to keep people reading, but my brain runs dry and the posts I come up with seem like a pitiful cry for attention. Which I want, but not because I'm depressed or a massive train wreck.

So maybe it's not blogging as much as it is writing. The air that I breathe and the blood in my veins.

I, just like you, have done the whole, "What am I here? What is my path? What is my purpose?" rant from time to time in the last 30+ years of my life. Writing.

The "blog" is a methadone clinic for writing junkies who can't find the words to fill the prose they need to complete. It moderates the pauses between active genius and sheer madness allowing you to continues without complete withdrawal. The ebb and flow of writers block and those nights you don't sleep because it pours out of you like water over a cliff.

Moderation is key.
Life gets in the way.
Words are lost.
Return to blog.
Start anew.

We take for granted, the blog.
We take for granted, the freedom.
I take for granted, the freedom.
I take for granted, the words.

A free virtual writing home to call your own, where you can (pretty much) do and say whatever you want, as you weigh out your demons in black and white - for all to see. You place yourself in the window of a department store and you wait, in vain hope, for a response. (A positive one. One that points out your brilliance.) Blogging.

Even if you don't care for it, or read them, or even like the idea that they exist - they are important to what and who we are. They are the thesis of the sociologists. They are the romping grounds of a psychologist. They are the strawberry fields of the artist. They are the free writings of the novelist.

The blog.

I wonder what will be its predecessor?
I wonder what will become of standard print?
I wonder how fast time will move until I find out...?

I wonder if I'll still be blogging then.
Probably. It's almost been 10 years. What's 10 more?

Cheers to you, the blogger, even if I never comment on a post you write.
Chances are I'm reading you. Thank you for your words.

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