Monday, October 1, 2012

Pickle Juice!

You bought a jar of your favorite pickles, and now the pickles are all gone... so you dump out the juice, rinse out the container and toss it into your recycling. (Or maybe you keep it for a cute craft project like this or this.)

But, I don't know about you, for me throwing out all that pickle juice makes me feel like I'm dumping money down the drain. SO - here are a few ideas of what to use the left over juice for!


Seriously, this is as easy as it comes. Keep the juice in the jar, slice up a cucumber and shove them into the jar. Cram as many as you can fit into it. You can also pour the juice into a bowl, fill the jar and then pour the juice back in.

Wait at least a month - but you will have your own fresh pickles at about a 1/3 of the cost.


This is the easiest dill dressing you can think of. What you need:

Dill Pickle Juice
Mayonnaise (I use veganaise - if you're trying to cut out the saturated fat of mayo, but can't haven't found a substitute you like, try veganaise. It's amazing, and I've tried other vegan mayo that were terrible.)
Dry Dill
Garlic powder

In a bowl add 1/4 C mayo
1 tsp dill
1/2 tsp garlic powder
and then use the pickle juice to thin it out to the consistency you like your dressing to be. Start with about 2 TBSP and whisk the mixture together. If you leave it thick you can use it as a dip.
Think it out and it's a great dill salad dressing.

I've also used onion powder when I was out of garlic.


You will need:

4 potatoes - washed and cut into fries
1 jar of pickle juice
1 TBSP Dry Dill
1 TBSP Garlic powder
2 TBSP White Vinegar (optional)
1 TBSP Olive Oil

Place the cut potatoes into a large sealable container,  cover with 1/2 the liquid from the jar of pickles (around 1/4 cup). Add seasoning, olive oil and vinegar. (Note: you can skip the vinegar and add more pickle juice)

SHAKE IT ALL UP and set it aside.

preheat the over to 425*

Place fries - juice and all - on a cooking sheet (I highly recommend you line the sheet with tin foil)

Bake for 20-25 minutes.

Allow to cool before eating.

The way I look at it is this, we buy these pickles because we love the taste of them, so why waste the taste? Pickle juice can be added into all sorts of different menus. Just think creatively and go with it!!

Happy eating!


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