Friday, October 19, 2012

Planning - Day 3

Today will be my last post until next week. It's hard to find time on the weekends, and when you only have 1 computer to share between 3 people - it's a battle to see who will get it.

Most times the kid wins. He's small and makes cute faces (& throws huge tantrums) to get you to let him have it.

But that doesn't mean I won't be planning and working towards being (semi) organized for November! I just won't be doing it online - probably.

I shall start with yoga - If you're here to read about how to organize for the 30 Day Yoga Challenge, here you go.

#1 - YouTube

There are TONS of great yoga videos on YouTube, and not all of them are only 10 minutes long.

Examples are: Esther Ekhart Yoga. She had full classes, partial classes, meditation, etc. I love her sequences (they're vinyasa. I was trained in vinyasa, so I'm partial to it)

For you 1/2 hour yogis who want a bit of a challenge, check out Jillian Michaels Yoga Meltdown.

YogaYak is another great channel with tons of classes (these are ALL FREE)

And finally - HolmTV which has different levels of vinyasa yoga. (I'm a fan of Yoga Flow 301, but they have a 101 for beginners and other classes too)

#2 - DVD/Videos

Go to your local library (and get a card if you don't already have one) and browse their exercise DVDs. You never know what gem you my find getting dust on the shelves of your library.

#3 - Books

This may be a bit harder if you're not used to reading and yoga-ing - but it can be done. Essentially you're doing what your teachers are every time they prepare a class. Look through books at the library, book store, online (I'm assuming they make yoga ebooks) and make your own little sequence - but I'll tell you this BE BOLD! Just because you're picking out your own sequences doesn't mean you should skip arm balances, or inversions.


#4 - More Internet

YogaGlo - is a pay site, but it has some amazing teachers and many styles of yoga. (If you live in the LA area - YogaGlo has free classes on site :) )
Do Yoga With Me - is a free site and free means it's worth checking out!
My Yoga Online - this is a pay site that is cheaper than yogaglo, but I've never used them.

#5 - TV

Check your cable for Yoga TV shows and record them. If they're only 1/2 hour, do it twice.

#6 - Your local studio and GROUPON!

Remember to check the "Now! Deals" portion of your groupon app (if you have a groupon app or online) and check out new studios!

Also - check Living Social and KGB Deals is another site with lots of discounts. And if you live in LA, NYC, Chicago (not sure where else) check out Lifebooker.

Six ways to make this painless and practically free if you choose it to be! Having these things in place will allow you to make an easy transition into this challenge. You can even fill out your calender with site you want to check out and fill your DVR with yoga shows you want to try. [if you're not doing yoga, but are running/swimming/etc.. you're on your own... ;)]

On to NaNoWritMo! The first thing to remember this: "You can fix anything but a blank page"-Nora Roberts

The average book is around 50K, which means you need to average around 1,667 words a day to finish in 30 days. To do that means PLANNING and I'm not talking about simply picking a subject matter for said book, but sitting down and outlining the whole things, chapter by chapter. 

Maybe sit down NOW and write out a few scenes to see what the tone will be like and how your characters looks on paper. But definitely sit down and make a bible to have on hand! Include places you want your story to happen, major and minor character bios, dates, ages, clothing, etc - all things you'll need to remember as you set out to write this 50k masterpiece in 30 days! 

Other things that may help:

-Index Cards or a Mini-notebook on hand at ALL TIMES! This way in these last few days before NaNoWriMo you can jot down ideas for dialogue, setting, narrative. Maybe you have one scene in play in your head, the "key" scene, this way you'll have it on hand when you need it. (I have a bulletin board by my desk with things tacked to it. All I have to do is look to my right and there it is)

-Research! Do you know your location? Go there and people watch. Watch the shadows. Watch the sky. Are you writing about bands of men with guns? Watch specials on the Military Channel about differently styles of guns (Ultimate Weapons, Weapons Masters, Weaponology), go to the library and check out books. Hop online and find websites that can help you flesh out the idea now.

REMEMBER! November is National Novel WRITING Month - not National Novel Planning and Researching Month (That would be NaNoPlReMo)

October should be NaNoPlReMo - it really should. 

But best of all - WRITE YOUR BLURB! You know, that thing your read on the back (or flap) of a book when you're at the bookstore trying to decide what to take home with you. If you're not sure what to write, read a bunch of them. The library is great for this. Bring a pad of paper and then go check out books that are in the same genre as yours. Find a quiet spot, read the backs as you write down ideas for your own. When you get what you need, go home and polish it up! 

12 more days till November! MORE than enough time to get all of our ducks in a row!!

NOW! I'm off. It's Friday, which means nothing in my life, but I'm tired and want to go veg out.

Have a lovely night!!

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