Thursday, November 8, 2012

Day 8

We've now been practicing a week, and I'm pleased with my progress, especially seeing that my leg still hurts. Plus, I started forcing new foods on my child today - which is a HUGE deal in this house, seeing that my son only eats 4 things - IN THE ENTIRE WORLD.

But I think my biggest accomplishment thus far, is I wrote over 3000 words. I'm not saying they were 3000 perfect words, or even good words, just that I typed 3000 words into my WIP, which means I'll be done a lot sooner and can edit a lot sooner.

Mostly today has been filled with introspect about everything.

As I sit, writing this book, I've been wondering what the point is? No, I don't plan on letting this train of thought deter me. I will not be quitting any time soon - but its been such a long strange trip. Getting from way the hell over there, all the way to here has been a very strange trip.

I'm not talking about the move - that isn't "it", it's just part of "it". Just like hating myself is also part of "it" and drinking too much, being in a few bands, relationship beginnings, middles and ends. Yoga, Christmas, poetry, and writing about TV shows - fights, regret, loss, births and pancakes - all are part of "it".

I lose sight, we all do from time to time, but I've noticed it a lot lately. I've noticed my life because of some weirdness that has been around me - things that have made me think, "I have the life I have, due to the choices I have made - all of them. Even the crappy ones and the ones I ignored." Just as you have the life you have for the very same reason.

When I sit down to write, these thoughts come back to me.
Being a stay a home mother (slash) yoga instructor (slash) writer is not even remotely conventional. For many years I would have hid all of this to have a standard job (slash) be a standard mother - which is to say, to be like those I've known, so I... can fit in.

I love that I have the time to write.
I don't ever get to go the movies.
I don't remember the last time I was at a bar. (well, unless you count the lobby of the Culver City Hotel, which I do not.)
I don't remember the last time I did a lot of things. Maybe this makes me boring, dull, etc - some think it makes me judgemental - but like my "this is my choice" of life - the other big realization would be. those who think they are being judged, are the very ones judging.

Everything happens for a reason, and the thoughts I have are in correlation with other events that I need to recognize for what they are.

This is my ten minutes of evaluating those thoughts and moments, so when I get off this computer I can think about things I'd much rather be entangled in. Finishing Imogen Grace, choosing my next yoga class, writing in my journal, reading my book(s) and most of all... watching last nights episode of Nashville, because I freaking LOVE that show.

To everyone doing NaNoWriMo - KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK!! If you want to be my NaNo Buddy, look me up arynyoungless - or follow me on twitter, not that I tweet a bunch, but if you write me, I will write back!

Never let anyone make you feel like you don't deserve the life you have.
Never for get you have the ability to create the life you want.

It may take you 10 years, but that times going to pass regardless. May as well end up where you want to be.

Time to prepare for Day 9!

Good night!

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