Tuesday, November 27, 2012


I realized this morning, that I haven't been on here in a week! Well... nearly a WHOLE WEEK! But here I am now, taking a break in the chaos of my life.

First to report - I've hit my 50k goal on NaNoWriMo! Exciting stuff, but that said, I'm not done with the story, so I'm still writing. I'm almost done, which is grand! And I'm still excited (even though I know there will be a TON of editing in my future, but that's okay - because I really do like this story.)

Second - I finished "Just Kids" by Patti Smith and am in love with her and now must read everything she's ever written - ever.

Third - YOGA is awesome and I've also discovered the joy (and home embarrassment) of Dance Revolution 2 on the Wii. YUP! I'm determined (not that I ever stopped being determined) to keep this going - even after the 30 day challenges. Which reminds me, if you're part of my "30 Day Yoga Challenge" on Facebook, as soon as I'm done here I'm changing that page to "30 Minute Yoga Challenge" which will be an infinite site, because I'm not stopping.

There are so many things we are all capable of that we never try to do because we're so scared or we think we're not good enough.

You would be amazed at the all the things you can accomplish if you just turn off your TV and go out and do them. That said, I hope everyone is well, and had a wonder Thanksgiving (in the US) and now I have to get some work done. It's already 10am, and there is much to do!



  1. Ha! My kids want me to try the Dane thing on the Xbox So far, Fruit Ninja is my favorite. Such a great workout!

  2. I'm not going to lie, its fun! LOL! I look terrible, but that's OK! HA!