Sunday, November 18, 2012

The countdown begins at 13...

There are 13 days left in November.
I've written 38,340 words, and only need 11,660 to reach my goal.
I haven't been on my mat for over a week, and decided today that my "rest" period is over with.

November is still here, and I'm still trucking!

No, I haven't been on here. Finding time to write has been hard enough for my manuscript - adding online writing is an Everest all of its own. One computer, three people, one of which is bossy and small - he tends to win out, so I write on an old toshiba that was antiquated a week after I bought it back in 2002. But it gets the job done.

My story is headed in the right direction. There have been hard days, days I hate every single word I write - but I'm not backing down.

I'm done with that, remember?

So here we are - with 13 days. And here I am - on the computer telling you about it.

The hardest thing about writing is sitting your ass down to write. Some days I manage 3000 words, others 400, but I sit my ass down to write them. The same applies for yoga, but still different, because it's yoga - the wisdom of yoga goes like this. Don't have 1/2 hour to practice yoga - then you need to practice for an hour. (This also applies to meditation)

Go for IT
Stop making excuses as to why you can't, and realize if you go through a bad patch (which we all do) you just... "pick yourself up... dust yourself off... and start all over again!" Such is life.

I'm off to write!
talk soon.

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