Thursday, January 10, 2013

January 10 - Let the Routine begin! (again!)

I've been cruising the old internet to try and find me a nice representational art piece to stick on this here blog post, and this is what I found. What stinks is that I can't find the artists name, and that bugs me - because I very much like it - and, as a writer, I find it very much represents editing to me. 

Today is the 10th, we are past a week into the new year and I am editing my new story, staring back at The Hope Saints which is patiently waiting in the editing queue, and attempting (poorly) to submit poetry to more magazines. 

I'm having problem with submitting poems because I'm looking at the bunch I've recently written (and not posted on here) and I very much don't like them. Well, I like one of them - but out of 20, that's not that great. Oh to be so overly critical... 

The next few weeks are critical, because I'm off my writing routine and if I dont' get back on track soon, none of these things will even matter. I will have no words to submit to any one, or any to edit. I blame Downton Abbey (yes, I'm one of those people) - but in reality, it my husbands fault for not allowing me to throw the TV out. (I'm completely kidding. It's your fault. Nothing is my fault. I'm awesome, like toe socks and almond butter.)

I have a deadline, and that is what I will be working on today and tomorrow, on top of everything else. Lucky for me the weather has cooled off, and after living in L.A. for a year, I've fully accepted that 55 is freaking cold. (You heard me. It's cold.) So that means today will be filled with exercising, playing, writing and eating. Almost all of my very favorite things in all of the world. 

So I'm off!

Good speed my friends! 


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