Tuesday, March 5, 2013

A little product review - Green Fin Wine

So I'm a bit frustrated today as a writer... which has absolutely nothing to do with the wine bottle you see above, outside of the fact that I wish I had some in my house - at this moment. I have an empty bottle (seen above), I polished off the contents last night - leaving me nothing but peppermint tea for this evening. (Which is fine... I suppose...)

Since moving to sunny L.A., my husband and I have began to drink more wine. There is a story behind it, as there are most things, and I'll give you the condensed version:

Math Equation of my life - we have:
     1 Car +
     1 Income +
     1 Child =
                At Home Date Nights
This little scenarios is fine with me - I like the old ball and chain, he's cute and is into Doctor Who these days (total bonus). This has lead us to consuming wine on our in house date nights.

Out here in good old California most of the stores have these deals, "Buy 6 bottle of wine and get --% Off" one place is 10%, the other is 20%, and then there is Trader Joe's, who has copious amounts of wine lining their shelves - some with a special "Trader Joe's Winery" label, which are wines made from vineyards specially for Trader Joe's at an exorbitantly low price, and these lovely wineries allow old TJs to slap their name on the front.

(BTW, Trader Joe's have a bulk discount too. I just never use it. Moving on...)

This is not the case with Green Fin Organic California White Table Wine. They retain their own name.

I stumbled on this bottle of wine while I was searching for another brand all together (which I never did find). Green Fin is only $3.99, which was the first thing that caught my eye, on top of it also being Organic, I later found it is also vegan. This brand is part of Bronco Wine Company, which is huge, but who cares - this wine is good, and once again - IT'S ONLY $4, and unlike the Charles Shaw wine that Trader Joe's is known for, it doesn't give me a massive hangover after only 2 glasses.
So that's why I'm here - as a person with the above "math equation of my life" - I can't really afford to go out and buy a bottle of Louis Jadot (even thought I love it, and even thought its only a meager $12.99 at Target, but that's the Beaujolais, most other bottles of Louis Jadot begin at $20 and go up)

I can't tell you what the price is outside of L.A. - I know some wines I used to buy in Cleveland for $11 are only $5 here (vineyards, baby), so it may be more out east, but if it's not - totally check it out. It's a great way to relax after arduous day filled with blank pages, and when you find out one of your submission never went through - a month after the fact. I know... it's just one... but I'm angry at myself for not checking sooner! Just as I'm angry with myself that I don't have another bottle of Green Fin in the hizzal. I mean house. (no I don't, I mean hizzal.)
A bottle of liquid courage that allows you to chill, let go and let the words find you.*

*I am in no why shape or form, advocating that wine or alcohol of any sort, is some sort of elixir that will lead to literary greatness - so don't think that I am. I just like wine, and Green Fin is yummy.*


  1. OK, first- I have been enjoying Green Fin for 3+ years, when, caught in a similar situation (well, not date nights per se, but the old "I got-laid-off-and-moved-1,000-miles-from-my-fiance-back-in-with-my-parents-so-I-could-go-to-grad-school" situation. I had been living in Colorado where, due to antiquated liquor laws, Trader Joe's won't set foot. So, when I accompanied my mom to a Chicago-area TJ's, imagine my surprised delight to discover an organic wine for $3.99 (yep, that's how little it costs here, too, despite our awful gas prices and taxes. Or maybe because of them?) It does indeed take the edge off. And while I tend not to write when I'm drinking (bad things could happen), I do agree that this wine is the shizzle for my nizzle. Props to you for writing about it while sober. I plan to finish the half-drunk bottle in my fridge as soon as I get home (yes, we got married and have a home together, finally. But we don't even need a date night to drink!) Cheers!

    1. I love to see others enjoying the love that is cheap (yet decent and organic) wine! Since this post, my "date night" drink has spread out through out the week. But still - no advocacy on literary greatness derive from embracing the life of a wine-o. Well, unless you're bukowski, then you have no other choice but to go with it.