Saturday, March 30, 2013

Firmoo Glasses - a little Product Review!

It may be a little known fact, or maybe it isn't, but I'm pretty much blind. Way back in 1982/83 - when I was in the 3rd grade - seated in the second row of my class, the lovely (and strict) nun teaching us our theology lessons choose me to read the 10 Commands off the board, and gave me a detention because I refused to do so. I refused to do so, because I COULDN'T SEE THE BOARD. Good job Sister Mary Something-or-other.

So I got glasses. The last in my family. And my life was over... (because it was 1982/3 and everyone still sang, "Boys don't make passes at girls with glasses." But now its 2013 and boys make passes at anything.)

I normally wear contacts, and to be honest, I can't drive in glasses. Something about the lack of clear peripheral vision messes me up, but when I'm home - all I wear are my glasses. If I don't leave the house for a couple days, I won't wear my contacts at all. For the last 13 years I've worn the same pair of glasses, but about a week ago I got a new pair - ordered from, an online eyeglass store, and here is my review of the whole experience.

#1 - Firmoo is inexpensive. Seriously. My glasses (see above) cost $26 (plus $6.95 S+H), and I say "inexpensive" because they're not cheap. These are nice glasses. They arrived at my house with a super nice case (seen below), a glass cleaning cloth, and a screwdriver (which I immediately fixed every single pair of sunglasses in my house with), oh, and an extra screw!

#2 - Yes, they ship to you - but they ship to you. I have a 4yo, and my husband and I have 1 car - this makes travel difficult. I can't drive off to the mall, or wherever, to get my glasses during the week. I have to wait until the weekend, and by then I don't feel like going to the mall - because it's the MALL and filled with teenagers and too many shoppers. I'd rater go to the park, or sleep on my face.

My glasses took about a week to get to me. If they're easy, they arrive 3-5 days, tinted can push it back to 5-7 days, some of the tougher glasses, like wraparound, take a bit longer.

Also,  you can get sunglasses here too, both prescription and regular.

#3 - I love to make lists.

#4 - I really like my glasses. It took me a bit, but I had the old pair for a VERY long time, and it was an old prescription. When I received these, they're larger than my old glasses, with a new prescription. Larger, because that's the fashion in 2013, and if you've ever worn prescription glasses, and had to up you prescription, you know that first day is a bear because you feel like the world is sliding off to the left. (Or maybe that's just me)

But I recommend these.

The down side - you don't get to try them on, and there is no one there to adjust them. BUT there is a little photo you can click the glasses on to see what they will look like on a face, and you can upload your own photo. As for the adjusting, you have to fidget with them yourself. And if your nose isn't crooked, you should be fine.

Now. I'm off to write something.
Have a killer day!


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