Monday, March 4, 2013

Writing and Music - (bad) music and writing

I'm attempting to make a soundtrack for the next book I want to write. This will be the first contemporary story I've written, but I like the story playing in my head, and really would like to go with it - and music is always a nice touch, whatever your writing.

Seeing the story is contemporary fiction (and most probably YA) - I started to do a little research. Not that I doubt my personal choice of music, I think the Clash are timeless and Op Ivy could be the voice for this young generation as much as it was for mine (which was wasn't the first group of angst teens it was meant for. Why am I defending my age? No clue. Continuing...) I just think there is something out there from now that can have the same effect - and is having the same effect. This lead me to the college boards looking for an idea of what is out there, what "kids these days" are listening too... blech... never again.

If that is an example of what "kids" are listening too, the "kids" in my book will have a pension for older music, and obsessively listen to The Velvet Underground, Patti Smith, The Who, The Clash (most other bands that start with "the"), ELO, Squeeze, and on and on, because (and I'm not mentioning names, because I refuse to publicize this "music") what I heard was utter trash with overly ironic lyrics that are meant to be skin deep and ultra quirky.

My search has been moved to Songza - my favorite free streaming music app, and website. I hope more people are listening to the new underground indie scene that has a bit of profoundness it some of its songs. That said, I'm still up for recommendations - feel free to comment below. I love to learn about new music, even if they're not Billboard Top 100 songs/artists.

You may be asking, "Does she know how old this makes her sound?" And the answer is, yes, I do - but I stand by my words when I say irony only goes so far. If you want to write a great song that people will remember for years, write from your heart and stop being a jackass. It's irritating.

Most of all, if you're going to go that far, at least have a ukulele in the damn song. Ukuleles are always ironic, just "because".

But seriously, if you can recommend a band, please do so! Who are you listening too?!!
Comment below!


  1. I'm a big Air fan, but that is an old band. Still, love them for background sounds.

  2. They're much more contemporary than bands I listen too. I'm not familiar with them, and watched the Sexy Boy video. Fun! Thank you for telling me about them.