Monday, April 1, 2013

I bought a shower curtin

I bought a shower curtain today, and you're probably sitting there thinking, "Aryn, who the hell cares?", but I do, and why? Because I never buy myself anything.

I've been with my husband, going on 13 years, and we've lived together for most of that time. But with him - like those before - I bought things for the house that I thought he would like. Never wanting him to live in a girly girl palace (like that would ever really happen, but...), I made sure to find items suitable for him - or I just didn't buy anything at all.

Curtains? Don't have them.
Throw pillows? Have two - and I hate them.
Area rugs - are old, and not "cool" old - they're from target and they're worn and faded and just...there.

Sure, money can be an issue - but it's not the main reason I do most of the the things I do.
Most of the things I do are for the same reason - because I'm scared that people will judge me and hate me. So before ever really trying, I give up and give in.

I blame me for everything. I can be sassy, and on days it's not all that crippling, but I'm coming off a depression jag and you know what I did? I bought a shower curtain. I didn't call anyone, or text anyone, or take a photo, or go to 37 different stores, and then weight my options. I found one I liked that was reasonably priced, and I bought it. I went to put it back twice - I still bought it. Then I brought it home, ironed it, and now its hanging in my tiny little bathroom. And I love it.

Now, I'm re-decorating the place, with little things - accents really - and I'm going to pick them out, without the likes of anyone.

What does my husband think? He likes the shower curtain, and told me even if he didn't - he liked that I was happy that I bought one that I really liked.

Tomorrow I'm going to GoodWill.
Look out house.
Look out life.


  1. *Eyes the shower curtain donated by mother-in-law a decade ago*

    I completely relate.

  2. I never made it to Goodwill, but there's always tomorrow!! And then, one day, a new couch!! That's not sewn together by hand... DREAMS! lol ;)