Monday, May 6, 2013

Adventures is Yoga!

Hello, Friends! How are you this fine day in May? Sitting at your desk? Or maybe you're sitting on a bus, reading this on your smart phone, but let me guess - you are - for certain - seated, or have been most of your day?

Well, this post is for you!

Welcome to "Adventures in Yoga". You're monthly yoga post, from yours truly - ME!

So now that we've pin pointed the problem - and it's a problem most of us have in this digital day and age - it's time to see what to do about it. When you spend all your time seating, and leaning forward - slowly but surely your muscles begin to atrophy and will keep you in this hunched position. We begin having problems with our lower back, because our lumbar isn't curved as it should be, and in our upper back because we are allowing our shoulder to hunch forward more than they were ever meant to be.

This is all happens subconsciously - but it is still an issue. So our Adventure in Yoga this month is a simple back bend known as Bridge Pose.

setu bandha sarvangasana 
(Sanskrit for bridge pose)

Bridge Pose is an amazing and beneficial pose for many reasons, they are as follows:

Bridge Pose does the EXACT OPPOSITE of what we do to our bodies all day long. You're pushing your pelvis up towards the ceiling, getting your shoulder back, and your shoulder blades onto your back - which opened up the chest, and stretches out the neck and spine, and it also stretches out your upper thighs. (NOTE: You SHOULD NOT be clenching your butt cheeks in this pose. I know, easier said than done, but you should be stretching from your foundation by pressing your heels and your shoulders into the mat (ground), and using that strength press up. 

This pose is exactly what we need because we want to counter those daily repetitive actions and help our bodies heal from those daily stresses.

Also, if you're like me, and have small children, chances are you're lifting them up over and over, and cleaning up their toys, over and over - Bridge Pose helps you to open your ribs, allowing your lungs to breathe easier, while creating space to keep things in order the rest of the time. (The same goes for all you non-parent people.)

I looked around to find a video example of this pose - and I chose this one from - I picked this video because it is the only one I found that had the feet close enough to the body. 


(Plus the accent doesn't hurt a bit, now does it?)

Happy May! Have a great month, and remember to do something adventurous - even if it's just a little bit of yoga.

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