Thursday, September 10, 2015

One can only care so much

This is the truth.
One can really only care so much
Because reality won't let you care about stupid for too long
If you do
You'll go mad
If you think too much
You're brain will fry

Most of the shit I see on the internet
Is nothing more than fodder
It's trash
Basic lies created to make you feel something you shouldn't

Everyone with a blog is a fucking expert now a days.

Guess that makes me brilliant

But then again, I know it doesn't
Because at the end of the day, I know my limitations

When we spend our time caring about things
Other people think we should find important
We only waste our time

Time is precious my friend
It's like land
There is only so much, and they're not making more

Using it to get angry about the errant stupidity of the world
Will only lessen the amount you have
So care less, my friends

Care little

Save your energy for things that are important
Realize you are allowed to have an opinion--yet not allowed to shove it up everyone else's butts

Life it too short for bullshit

But it's just right for a nap